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Smile Makeover
Dentist Rochester, NY

Woman leaning against wall after smile makeover at Stephen L Ruchlin DDS. A smile makeover is an approach that focuses on enhancing the appearance of your smile through a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. The main role of this process is to improve your overall aesthetics by addressing some issues such as spacing, tooth color, oral health, and alignment. When you visit us at Stephen L Ruchlin DDS, we will select the best procedure for you to have a fantastic smile.

Understanding the Smile Makeover Process

Discolored, crooked, or overcrowded teeth can largely affect your confidence. But by selecting a smile makeover procedure, you can make various aesthetic improvements. This procedure involves addressing multiple concerns, such as cracked or chipped teeth, and helps ensure you have a balanced smile. The process can include bonding, teeth whitening, teeth veneers, and other treatments to provide a better smile.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

The smile makeover procedures all work together to ensure you have a great smile. We combine them to improve the functionality of the teeth. A personalized makeover treatment focuses on your specific aspects, such as teeth condition, aesthetic goals, and facial features, to give you the best appearance. The particular components of each treatment plan will vary depending on your needs and preferences.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

Enhanced Dental Aesthetics

One of the top advantages of a smile makeover is to improve your aesthetics. This can involve things such as the correction of oral imperfections such as irregular tooth shapes or gaps. It also takes into account harmony and balance of facial features.

Improved Self Confidence

A smile makeover offers a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits. It helps to enhance your smile and confidence. Addressing any concerns about your dental health will help ensure you feel confident and positive about your overall appearance.

Correcting Dental Imperfections

There are many dental imperfections that you can note in your teeth, such as cracks, chips, or missing teeth. These issues can be corrected through various restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Smile Makeover Procedures

The specific makeover procedure can vary depending on your goals, needs, and the recommendations that we give you. It combines restorative and cosmetic dentistry to guarantee the best outcome. Some of the common procedures that are included in a smile makeover can consist of:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common procedure that is effective in restoring that white glow on your teeth. The procedure helps to lighten the color of the teeth and eliminate any stains by using peroxide-based bleaching components. Teeth whitening by our experts helps to ensure you have a brighter smile. The bleaching solution is stronger than over-the-counter and will offer better results. We can use light and heat to intensify this process and ensure dramatic results.

Dental Veneers

Teeth veneers are customized shells that fit over your teeth to hide any imperfections that exist. They help to conceal chips, stains, or cracks that are present on your teeth. The veneers are made from various materials, such as resin-composite and porcelain, and are bonded to your teeth. The application of these dental tools involves grinding your tooth structure and placing the shells. Remember that it is an irreversible process but will leave you feeling confident.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and dental bridges are some of the most common tooth replacement options that we have in our clinic. A dental crown is a cap-like structure that we place on top of decayed, fractured, or any teeth with imperfections. We can also place crowns over your dental implants or root canal-treated tooth. These tools can be made from a variety of materials, such as resin, porcelain, or metals. Dental bridges, on the other hand, can help to replace your missing teeth. They will help to restore your chewing function and ensure you have an amazing appearance. A bridge is made up of crowns and artificial teeth, which work together to help bridge gaps left behind by missing teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatment primarily focuses on aligning your teeth and ensuring they are straight. If you note you have gapped, overlapped, crooked, or twisted teeth, this treatment option is the best for you. Some of the common options we recommend can include retainers, braces, or aligners. For people who have malocclusions, we can recommend Invisalign, which are clean, modern, removable aligners that help to straighten your teeth.

FAQs About Smile Makeovers

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Determining whether you are a candidate for a smile makeover will involve looking at some factors, such as your aesthetic goals, oral health, and underlying dental issues. When we assess your suitability for the procedure, we look at your underlying dental problems, such as chipped, stained, or discolored teeth. We also select this method for people with adequate oral health. If you have any dental issues, such as unresolved gum disease or cavities, all of these must be addressed before we can move on to the smile makeover.

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take to Complete?

The amount of time a smile makeover will take will depend on your dental issues and the chosen method. It can take two weeks and involve multiple dental appointments, while other procedures can take longer.

Are Smile Makeover Results Permanent?

Yes, the results of a smile makeover are permanent. Most dental restorations, such as fillings, are made to last for many years with the right care and maintenance. Without that care, over time, they may get damaged. If you wish to maintain adequate oral and dental health and keep your teeth looking amazing, these procedures will offer fantastic results.

Does a Smile Makeover Involve Pain?

During the process of a smile makeover, you can expect discomfort. Most of these procedures will cause sensitivity or slight pain. Procedures such as gum reshaping or dental implant placement are known to cause discomfort. It would help if you communicated with us about any concerns that you have about pain. Our main aim is to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible. We guide pain relief and management during and after the procedure.

A smile makeover can be especially life-changing if you have damaged or missing teeth. Undergoing this process in our clinic at Stephen L Ruchlin DDS will help you feel better about your oral health and boost your confidence. Depending on the nature of your dental issues, we can recommend the best options for you. Simply contact us at (585) 427-7820 for more information.
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